Cobalt carbonate

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Cobalt carbonate is a red monoclinic crystalline or powder. Toxic, irritating eyes, respiratory system and skin.It is mainly used to produce cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate, cobalt oxide, cobalt metal and cobalt naphthenate.As a raw material for manufacturing cobalt oxide, it is used for manufacturing cathode materials for lithium batteries.It is also used for making discolored pigments, glass pigments, ceramics, feed trace element additives and trace element fertilizers.Cobalt carbonate is a red monoclinic crystalline or powder.

The ceramic industry is used as a colouring agent in the manufacture of cobalt salts and in the colouring of porcelain. Used as beneficiation agent in mining industry. Organic industry is used to manufacture catalysts, camouflage coatings and chemical temperature indicators. It is used as trace element fertilizer in agriculture. Used as analytical reagent in analytical chemistry.

At present, the existing calcining equipment includes: kiln tail, pouring body, supporting frame, kiln cylinder body and kiln head; the pouring body is arranged at both ends of the kiln cylinder body, and the kiln tail and kiln head are respectively fixed on the pouring body at both ends of the kiln cylinder body; the supporting frame is respectively provided on the kiln tail and kiln head; one end of the kiln cylinder body near the kiln tail is provided with a baffle, in addition. One end is provided with an anti-skid plate.

However, when calcining cobalt carbonate with existing calcining equipment, because cobalt carbonate is granular and powdery, it is easy to send and accumulate in the feed section of rotary kiln, which makes cobalt carbonate not completely calcined, or the calcining effect is poor, so that the calcined product cobalt oxide is not ideal.