Ni Coated Mica

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Nickel-coated graphite powder,Nickel-coated

Nickel-coated graphite powder, also known as nickel-coated graphite powder, is a new kind of graphite strengthening material, which is obtained by electroless plating or vapor deposition of graphite powder.

Nickel-coated graphite powder can distinguish two kinds of properties. The first kind of powder used for thermal spraying has a coarse particle size and a gray appearance. The second kind of additive powder has fine particle size and dark gray or black appearance.

The stability and high catalytic activity of nickel in alkaline solution can be improved by electroless plating nickel on graphite powder, which can improve the physical properties such as conductivity, corrosion resistance, hardness and lubricity, and form excellent composite materials.

Nickel-coated graphite powder is a composite powder with graphite particles as its core and nickel metal as its outer coating. With good lubrication and corrosion resistance, nickel is evenly deposited on the surface of graphite particles from nickel sulfate ammonia complex solution by wet hydrogen reduction process. It is used to manufacture high temperature self-lubricating bearing materials, low friction materials, porous nickel strips, etc. Grindable sealing coatings can also be obtained by thermal spraying.

It can be used not only as an improved conductive material, but also as a corrosion resistant, wear resistant coating, thermal barrier and sealing coating, microwave absorbing material, etc. Nickel-graphite powder coated by vapor deposition can be used in battery industry.