Osmium (OS)

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Osmium is a Group VIII element of the sixth cycle of the Periodic Table of the Elements, one of the members of the platinum group metal. The element symbol is Os, atomic number 76, relative atomic mass 190.2. It is a heavy platinum group metal and is the most dense metal known at present.

It is found in Osmium ore. The Osmium-containing solid is calcined in the air, and the volatilized Osmium oxide is absorbed by an alcoholic alkali solution to obtain a Osmium salt, which is then reduced with hydrogen to obtain a metal Osmium. Can be used to make ultra high hardness alloys. 

Osmium is known to have the highest density in the simple substance of metal, and its density reaches 22.59 g/cm 3,the melting point is 3045°C, and the boiling point is above 5300°C.Six-party dense lattice. Gray-blue metal, hard and brittle, placed in the iron shovel, it will easily become a powder, the Osmium powder is blue-black,and the Osmium metal powder can spontaneously ignite. The Osmium vapor is highly toxic and can strongly irritate the human eye mucosa, causing blindness in severe cases.

The metal Osmium is very stable in the air, and the powdery Osmium is easily oxidized. The metal Osmium can be oxidized in concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid or sodium hypochlorite solution. It reacts easily with oxygen at room temperature to form Osmium oxide (OsO2), which is heated to form a volatile and highly toxic osmium tetroxide (OsO4).