Osmium powder

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Osmium powder powdery and dark blue-black.Osmium powder also slowly oxidized at room temperature. It produces osmium tetroxide and has a fishy smell and is highly toxic.

The use of Osmium powder includes its use as an alloying component with other group metals, and the resulting alloy is extremely hard (for example, osmiridium, a naturally occurring Osmium powder and Iridium alloy, very hard and used for the tip of the nib). Osmium powder can also be used as a strong catalyst in gas reactions.

Handling and storage of osmium powder:

Precautions for Safe Handling: Handle in an enclosed, controlled process. Avoid creating dust. Avoid breathing dust or fumes. Provide adequate ventilation if dusts are created. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash thoroughly before eating or smoking. 
Conditions for Safe Storage: Store in a cool, dry area. Store material tightly sealed in properly labeled containers.