Thorium oxide 


Thorium oxide heavy white powder. The molecule formula is ThO2, the molecular weight is 264.04, the density is 9.86, the melting point is 3220 + 50 ℃, the service temperature is 2500 ℃ and the boiling point is 4400 ℃ 。Thorium oxide is soluble in sulfuric acid and insoluble in water.

Thorium oxide is mainly used for making high temperature ceramics, atomic fuel, incandescent lamp, cathode of electron tube, electrodes for arc melting, optical glass, as well as refractories and catalysts. It is used to manufacture white-hot yarn cover, silicon-free optical glass, catalyst, tungsten-thorium alloy and for electronic research. And thorium oxide is prohibited from being used as a strong oxidant.

Preparation or source of thorium oxide: Burning of thorium nitrate solution after reaction with oxalic acid. Note: Mohr hardness 6.5. High fire resistance. There is radioactivity.

Because thorium oxide has radioactivity and acute toxicity, the risk of thorium oxide is mainly manifested in its occupational hazards, mainly radiation damage. Thorium dioxide contrast agent can cause long-term damage to human body: aplastic anemia, damage to nervous system, liver, spleen and thyroid, decline of immunity and carcinogenic effect.