Bi nanopowder

Bi nanopowder

Product name: Bi nanopowder

CAS No. : 7440-69-9
Specification :

Products are classified

Average particle size (nm)

Purity (%)

Specific surface area (m 2/ g)

Bulk density (g / cm 3)





> 99.9





Technical parameters:
The main characteristics of nano-Bi powder was prepared through a special process, high purity, uniform particle size, ball shape, dispersion, oxidation temperature, the sintering shrinkage.

Applications of metal nano lubricant additive:
Add 0.1 to 0.3% nano-bismuth powder to grease in the friction process, to friction surface to form a self-lubricating, self-laminating, and significantly improved grease performance.

Metallurgical industry: Nano bismuth powder can be used as cast iron, steel and aluminum additives to improve the alloy's easy cutting performance.

Magnetic materials: bismuth thermal neutron


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