Copper Oxide Nano (CuO)

Copper Oxide Nano(CuO)

Product Name: Copper Oxide Nano(CuO)
CAS: 1317-38-0
Molecular Formula: CuO
Molecular weight: 79.55
Purity: ≥99%
Density: 6.3-6.9g/cm³
Melting point: 1326°C
Properties: slight hygroscopicity

Copper Oxide Nano(CuO) Applications:
Insoluble in water. dissolve slowly in alcohol or ammonia solution. Soluble in dilute acids, NH4Cl, (NH4) 2CO3, potassium cyanide solution. Under high temperature, copper oxide meet with hydrogen or carbon monoxide, can restore copper metal. Nano-copper oxide is a widely used material. It has been applied to the catalyst, superconducting materials, thermoelectric materials, sensing materials, glass, ceramics and other fields. In addition, the nano-copper oxide can be used as rocket propellant combustion catalyst. It not only can significantly improve the homogeneous propellant burning rate, lower pressure index, but also can better perform as the catalyst for the composite propellant. More use such as: Ceramic resistors, Gas sensors, Magnetic storage media, Near-infrared tilters, Photoconductive and photothermal applications, Semiconductors, Solar energy transformation, Catalysts, High-tech superconductors.

Storage: stored in a dry warehouse preventing moisture , isolating storage with strong acid and edible raw materials.  Water , sand and a  variety of fire extinguishers can be used for putting out the fire .


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