Iron oxide nanoparticles

Nano-iron oxide,Nanopowder,Ferric oxide

Iron oxide nanoparticles is a multifunctional material. When the size of iron oxide particles is as small as nanometer (1~100nm), the number of surface atoms, specific surface area and surface energy increase sharply with the decrease of particle size, which shows small size effect, quantum size effect, Surface effects and macroscopic quantum tunneling characteristics, such as good optical properties, magnetic properties, catalytic properties.

The preparation method of Iron oxide nanoparticles can be divided into a wet method and a dry method. The wet method mainly includes a hydrothermal method, a forced hydrolysis method, a gel-sol method, a colloidal chemical method, a microemulsion method, and a chemical precipitation method. The dry method mainly includes: flame thermal decomposition, vapor deposition, low temperature plasma chemical vapor deposition (PCVD), solid phase method and laser thermal decomposition method.

Iron oxide nanoparticles has unique optical, magnetic, thermal, catalytic and other properties, widely used in the preparation of magnetic materials, pigments, fine ceramics and plastic products and in the catalyst industry, in acoustics, electronics, optics, thermals, especially medicine. And bioengineering and other aspects also have a wide range of application values and prospects.


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