Nano grade anion powder

Nano anion powder,Nanopowder

Nano grade anion powder is made from natural materials through nanotechnology. Scientific research shows that nano-nano-ion powder can greatly help the human body to maintain energy and improve the living environment of human beings.

The mechanism of ionization of gas molecules in the air mainly depends on the effect of external urging on gas, and the catalyzed by ultraviolet light, radiation, photoelectric effect and the like.

The components in the nano-nano-ion powder have thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity, so that in the case of temperature and pressure changes (even small changes), the potential difference between the constituent crystals can be caused, which is as high as 1 million electron volts. The air is ionized, the hit electrons are attached to adjacent water and oxygen molecules and converted into air negative ions, ie negative oxygen ions.

The negative oxygen ions generated in the high-negative ion powder have high activity and have strong redox action, which can destroy the activity of bacterial cell membrane or cell protoplast active enzyme, thereby achieving the purpose of antibacterial sterilization.

Negative ion powder has negative ion powder, ultrafine anion powder and nano anion powder depending on the application. Applicable industries include: environmental protection, cigarettes, coatings, textiles, cosmetics, purification of water, purification of air, anti-electromagnetic radiation, health care products.


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