nano grade tourmaline powder

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Tourmaline powder is a powder obtained by mechanically pulverizing the tourmaline ore after removing impurities. The processed and purified tourmaline powder has a high negative ion generation amount and a far infrared emission rate. Tourmaline is also called Tourmaline.
Tourmaline is a multi-element natural mineral. The main components of tourmaline are magnesium, aluminum, iron, boron and other trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Because it is a special structure of polar crystals, it can produce electric ions for a long time and permanently release air negative ions and far infrared rays.

Nano grade tourmaline powder raw materials are mainly divided into fiber tourmaline and crystal tourmaline, and high-quality and high-yield in Xinjiang single crystal tourmaline, Guilin needle fiber tourmaline and Xinjiang polycrystalline tourmaline.

Nano grade tourmaline powder is mainly composed of tourmaline powder, ultra-fine tourmaline powder and nano tourmaline powder according to different purposes.

Nano grade tourmaline powder applicable industries include: environmental protection, cigarettes, coatings, textiles, cosmetics, purification of water, purification of air, anti-electromagnetic radiation, health care products.


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