Nano powder of calcium carbonate

Nano-calcium carbonate,calcium carbonate

Nano-calcium carbonate is a new ultra-fine solid powder material developed in the 1980s with a particle size of between 0.01 and 0.1 μm. Due to the ultrafine refinement of Nano-calcium carbonate particles, the crystal structure and surface electronic structure change, resulting in quantum size effects, small size effects, surface effects and macroscopic quantum effects that ordinary calcium carbonate does not have.

Nano calcium carbonate is also known as ultrafine calcium carbonate. The standard name is ultrafine calcium carbonate. The most mature industry for nano-calcium carbonate applications is the plastics industry, which is mainly used in high-grade plastic products. It can improve the rheology of plastic masterbatch and improve its formability. Used as a plastic filler to strengthen and strengthen the plastic, improve the bending strength and flexural modulus of the plastic, heat distortion temperature and dimensional stability, while also imparting hysteresis to the plastic.

Nano Calcium Carbonate is used in ink products to exhibit excellent dispersibility and transparency and excellent gloss, as well as excellent ink absorption and high dryness. The nano calcium carbonate is used as an ink filler in the resin type ink, and has good stability and high gloss, and does not affect the drying performance of the printing ink. Adaptability and other advantages.

Nano-calcium carbonate can also be used in the feed industry as a calcium supplement to increase the calcium content of the feed. Used in cosmetics, due to its high purity, good whiteness and small particle size, it can partially replace titanium dioxide. Adding nano calcium carbonate to toothpaste can improve its extrusion performance.


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