Zinc sulphate for feedstuff

Zinc sulphate for feedstuff

Product name:Zinc sulphate for feedstuff

Molecular formula: ZnSO 4 . H 2 O , ZnSO 4 . 7H 2 O 

Molecular weight : 179.56  , 287.56

Product description:White or slight yellow crystal or powder . efflorescence to white powder . dehydrated in 280 ℃, decompoed in 500 ℃ . relative density 1.975 . melting point 100 ℃.

Product usage:In the production of feedstuff additives,this product works as the replenishers of zinc.

Packaging,transportation and storage:
Two-layer packing, internal packing is PE bag , external packing plastic woven bag, Net Wt. 50kg .
It should ve protected by covers when transportation , avoid rain, moisture, or mixed with acid / alkali matter and color matter; packed in dry and airiness place, no contact with acid and alkali and color matter.


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